Menu 18-01-2020


The mocktail— a word born from smashing together “mock” plus “cocktail”—has come a long way from sweet grenadine Shirley Temples and frozen piña coladas (hold the booze please). Ordering soda at a restaurant no longer means a choice between Sprite and Coke—@Mango now offer concoctions like Magic Berries, Frosted Oreo, Alphonso Fizz and many more interesting flavors.

@Mango’s Favorite
Mango juice, orange juice, pineapple juice with fizz
₹ 290
Electric Cranberry
Cranberry juice with a tangy twist
₹ 270
Lavenders Magic
Duo of Black currant ice cream & soda
₹ 270
Guava juice, lime juice & roasted cumin
₹ 250
Water bubble
Apple juice, Strawberry crush & fizz
₹ 220
Magic Berries
Cranberry juice with mixed berries
₹ 250
Pina Cool
Coconut milk, pineapple juice, vanilla ice-cream
₹ 220
Strawberry Julius
Strawberry crush with ice cream & fizz
₹ 250
Sun Downer
Pineapple Juice, Lychee crush & khus syrup with Ice cream
₹ 220
Frosted Oreo
Cookies Cream Ice cream + biscuit
₹ 250
Jug of Mojito ₹ 390
Alphonso Fizz
Mango Pulp, pineapple juice, sugar, lime juice and soda
₹ 250
Italian Smooch
Brown sugar, lime chunks, ginger syrup & Coke
₹ 220


“The wealth of ingredients in a bowl of soup provides a good balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats as well as the vitamins and minerals required to create energy and keep us firing on all cylinders.”

Soup is an important dish of every meal. Just like salad, having a bowl of soup have a lot of health benefits as you get to eat more veggies packed with nutrients.

Fresh Tomato
Preferred by all
₹ 190
Fusion Tomato
Pink color soup with croutons
₹ 200
Bean soup cooked with chilies and beans
₹ 220
Fresh tomato soup with vegetables
₹ 220
Parmesan Cheese
Pure cheese soup
₹ 220
Sweet Corn
Fresh com blended with 3 peppers
₹ 190
Shanghai Manchow
Thick Chinese soup in dark soya with crispy noodles
₹ 220
Burnt Mushroom
smoked mushroom soup in coconut milk
₹ 220
Sun Downer
Pineapple Juice, Lychee crush & khus syrup with Ice cream
₹ 220
Vietnamese sour
Hot & sour soup with mini dumplings
₹ 220
Oriental Rainbow
A clear soup with beetroot & vegetables; must try
₹ 220
Spinach Dumpling
Steamed mini dumpling with vegetables in clear soup
₹ 220
Exotic vegetables tossed in French dressing ₹ 280
Fresh Green Salad ₹ 280
Crispy Roomali Roti tossed with Kachumber salad ₹ 280


The starter is a taster, a light thing to open up the meal, get your stomach ready, really, usually small and/or vegetarian, the main is the main point to the meal, and dessert is last because having something sweet denotes to your stomach that you are done eating.

Cottage cheese Galantine
Rolled Grilled paneer stuffed with cheese
₹ 360
Exotic Tostadas
Crispy tortilla topped with black bean & exotic Vegetables
₹ 310
Cheese Chilly Rarebit
Hot Dog bread topped & baked with cheese
₹ 270
Pita Slider
Lebanese rounds with middle eat mix
₹ 260
Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
Wood fire grilled fresh stuffed mushrooms
₹ 420
Desi Tikki Chaat
Crispy rounds topped with assorted sauces
₹ 350
Nachos Mexicano
Mexican tikka seated on nacho chips, served with salsa
₹ 350
Cottage Cheese Gyros
Fusion Greek wrapped in tomato sauce
₹ 350
Hotch Potch Bruschetta
Oven Baked French bread with signature topping
₹ 320
Cheesy Nachos
Crispy Tortilla chips topped with nachos cheese
₹ 320
Greek Nachos
Nachos topped with cheddar cheese, bell pepper, jalapenos & olives
₹ 300
Pizza Cheese Balls
A different type of cheese balls
₹ 340
Swiss Crispy Roesti
Crunchy buttery potatoes served with a signature sauce
₹ 320
Greek Platter
2 types of Humus with wood fired pita
₹ 300
Mexican Roomali
Mashed Beans & yellow cheese stuffed roomali
₹ 320
Lahore Ke Mashur kebabs
Pan grilled cheese-paneer & hara cheese galouti kebab
₹ 300
Crispy Galouti Kebab
Deep fried kebab stuffed with cheese
₹ 320
Rataloo Seekh Kebab
Gujarati Punjabi Fusion
₹ 290
Stonner Kebab
crispy Layered kebab on a skewer; served with mint chutney
₹ 320
Pakhtuni Paneer Tikka
Spicy Paneer tikka
₹ 370
Stuffed Makhmali Tikka
Cheese stuffed cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt dressing
₹ 400
Tropical Paneer Chaat
Charcoal grilled cottage cheese & pineapple tossed with chunky chaat masala
₹ 400
Tri Color Cottage cheese
Marinated tri color cottage cheese
₹ 400
Cheese Burst
A must have @Mango
₹ 400
Avadhi Stuffed Mushrooms
Charcoal grilled mushrooms marinated in an old style dressing
₹ 430
Sichuan Paneer Tikka
Cottage cheese stuffed with Sichuan sauce; charcoal grilled
₹ 400
Crispy Mushrooms
Crispy Stuffed mushroom tossed with green chilies & green onion
₹ 400
Spicy Tempura
Traditional Sichuan crispy vegetables
₹ 340
Cottage Cheese Manchurian
Cabbage & paneer balls tossed in dark soy
₹ 360
Paneer Chilly Dry
Doesn’t need Introduction!
₹ 360
Darky Chestnuts
Chestnuts in brown garlic & bean sauce
₹ 360
Corn Crispy
Fresh crispy com tossed with signature dressing
₹ 300
Ratatouille Cigar
Fine cut Exotic vegetables wrapped in Hong Kong style rolls
₹ 340
Standing Wanton
A crispy wrapper stuffed with vegetables; served with a dipping sauce
₹ 330

Wood Fired Thin Crust Pizza

Wood fired pizza has a unique flavour and texture due to the intense heat. Pizza baked on wood fired pizza oven has smoky flavor, crunchy toppings, and fluffy crust, which separates it from the regular one. The unique flavor of wood fired oven pizza can cause any foodie to wish that they owned a wood fired oven of their own.

Pure cheese Pizza
₹ 525
The Herby Hancock
Herbed Cottage cheese + cherry tomatoes + Onions
₹ 600
Roasted veggies + Mushroom
₹ 620
Slow roasted onions + Green capsicum + Chilly Flakes
₹ 600
Olive Piccanti
Spicy jalapeno peppers + Olive+ Sundried Tomatoes
₹ 620
All in the house
Pizza With all available toppings
₹ 630
Bruschetta Pizza
Fresh tomatoes + onions + basil + garlic + olive oil
₹ 600

Try the World

Chinese food, rich and colorful, has diversified color, aromatic flavor, and excellent taste as its main features. With these three characteristics, it is not only tasty but also a work of art for people to appreciate.

Turkish Tetrazzini
Dual layer of Spaghetti in cheese sauce & vegetables in spicy con case; oven baked
₹ 420
Baked Casanova
pizza cheese balls baked to perfection with mornay sauce
₹ 400
Mac & Cheese
Macaroni With yellow cheddar; baked until brown
₹ 400
Curried Au Gratin
Vegetables & macaroni cooked in fusion of cheese & madras curry powder sauce; oven baked
₹ 400
Peppered Cottage cheese with Market vegetables
Pan seared cottage cheese steak and pepper served along With house bbq vegetables; served with garlic bread
₹ 450
Exotic vegetables in mustard sauce; served With crispy potato roesti
₹ 450
Italian Trumpet
Penne in cheesy pesto sauce combined With vegetables in cheese sauce
₹ 450
Roasted Almond & Cheese Risotto
Silky cheesy risotto With nuts
₹ 450
Swiss style Fondue
Pure Fondue cheese; served unique accompaniments
₹ 500
Fusion Fondue
Cheese fondue With herbs, olives & jalapenos; served With best ingredients
₹ 550
Spinach Cheese Ravioli your choice of sauce ₹ 450
Penne Pasta in Your Choice of Sauce ₹ 400
Earthen Pot Mexican
Hotch potch of Mexican curry, rice & cheese
₹ 470
Casseroles & Stews
Cheese Fiesta
Assorted vegetables in cheese sauce Served with spicy rice
₹ 520
Mexican Revolution
Enchiladas & Mexican Rice
₹ 520
Black Bean Chili
Bed of rice with Mexican black beans & vegetables
₹ 520
Oriental Grill
Teriyaki cottage cheese with vegetable: served with lemon rice
₹ 520
Across The Great Wall
Manchurian Gravy
Cabbage balls simnered in dary soya sauce
₹ 420
Thai River Noodles
Flat noodles with exotic vegetables
₹ 390
American Chopsuey
Julienned vegetables sautéed with sweet & sour sauce
₹ 390
Vegetable Chow Chow
A Combination of Noodles & vegetables with lemon grass flavor
₹ 390
Tropical Fried Rice
Rice with carrots, baby com & mushrooms
₹ 320
Asian-Green Noodles
Green Noodles in Asian style with vegetables
₹ 400
Tibet’s Khichdi
A must have rice preparation
₹ 500
Thai Green Curry
Served with steamed rice
₹ 470
Balinese Curry
Served with signature rice
₹ 470
Chinese Hot Pot
A must try mix of all Chinese items
₹ 520
Vegetarian Adaption of Non Vegetarian Food
Tandoori Chops
Delicious Charcoal grilled soya chops,marinated with special seasonings & fresh lemon
₹ 450
Persian Rogan Josh
Soya chunks with fresh tomato-onion gravy
₹ 500
Vegetarian Egg Curry
Cottage cheese stuffed with mava tossed in rich gravy
₹ 500

Main Course Indian

In any meal, the main course comprises the most filling and important part of the meal. The main course is served after the starters or snacks, and is followed by the dessert. It may be made up of a single sumptuous dish, or a combination of a couple of dishes. It is common to find Subzis, curries or Dal served with Roti, parathas or rice as part of the main course.

Dum Paneer
A “Dum specialty” baked in flavored tomato creamy sauce
₹ 430
Lasooni Mirchi Paneer
Garlic topped paneer in velvety red gravy
₹ 430
Ravioli Butter Masala
Spinach cheese stuffed pasta simmered in velvety tomato gravy
₹ 420
Delhi style Paneer Lababdar
Chunks of cottage cheese in velvety tomato gravy
₹ 420
Kyberi Kadai Paneer
Finger cut paneer, capsicum & onions in mughlai gravy
₹ 430
Baked Malai Kofta
Kofta’s simmered in white gravy; oven baked
₹ 450
Tri Color
3 gravies with 3 varieties; a unique recipe
₹ 550
Bhoona Curry
soft Paneer in Dark brown gravy
₹ 440
Paneer Mussallam
Fresh Cottage cheese served in tomato based buttered gravy
₹ 420
Twin Cottage Cheese
Paneer simmered in onion and spinach Gravy
₹ 430
Avadhi Paneer
Strips of cottage cheese tossed with onion, capsicum and tomatoes; semi dry
₹ 430
Kiran Ki Bhurji
Diced paneer with vegetables in yellow gravy
₹ 450
Paneer Methi Garlic
Fresh cottage cheese, garlic & fenugreek leaves in unique yellow gravy
₹ 430
Nawabi Tarkari
Seasonal vegetables tossed in Mughlai gravy
₹ 380
Subz Bahar
Assorted vegetables simmered in rich tomato gravy
₹ 380
Subz Burrah Saheb
Finger cut vegetables in red gravy; topped & baked with cheese
₹ 420
Nafeez Palak
Fresh corn & cottage cheese in silky spinach gravy
₹ 400
Dhingri Korma
Fresh stuffed Mushrooms in mughlai gravy
₹ 450
Cheese Butter Masala
Cubed Cheese tossed in buttered tomato gravy
₹ 500
Paneer Mulayam Methi
Fresh fenugreek leaves with cottage cheese in cashew gravy
₹ 420
Irani Kofta
Lucknowi style gravy with minced vegetable balls
₹ 420
Desi Videsi
Unique combination of India and Italy in Indian style
₹ 450
Pepper Zucchini Masala
Exotic vegetables in mughlai gravy
₹ 450
Badami Korma
Rich cashew gravy with nuts
₹ 370
Stuffed Dum Aloo
Potatoes cooked in traditional Kashmiri style
₹ 370
Dhabe ka Kheema
All seasonal vegetables mashed in tomato gravy
₹ 370
Dal & Rice
Papad wali Dal
Pili tadka dal with papad churi
₹ 310
Double Tadka Dal
Yellow tuvar dal with spicy tadka
₹ 300
Dal Tadka ₹ 310
Kali Dal
Slow cooked black lentil Dal
₹ 340
Awadhi Kevra Biryani
Flavored layered rice; dum cooked
₹ 420
Broken Wheat Biryani
Popular “Phada” layered with basmati & vegetables; dum cooked
₹ 420
Kofta Biryani
Mini Kofta’s with basmati rice; dum cooked
₹ 420
Tawa Biryani
Mumbai style tawa biryani with rogani gravy
₹ 420
Subz Pulao ₹ 320
Jeera Rice ₹ 280
Multi Grain Khichdi
Mother’s recipe – dal fry mixed with long grained rice; finished with desi ghee
₹ 450
Indian Breads
Olive Cheese Paratha ₹ 280
Cheese Naan / Masala Cheese Naan ₹ 280
Garlic Cheese Naan ₹ 280
Coriander & Green Chilly Roti ₹ 200
Stuffed Paratha ₹ 250
Roti ₹ 80
Butter Roti ₹ 85
Naan ₹ 80
Butter Naan ₹ 85
Lachcha Paratha ₹ 95
Hariyali Kulcha ₹ 190
Roomali Roti ₹ 200
Onion Kulcha ₹ 200


Dessert is a confectionery course that concludes a main meal. The course usually consists of sweet foods and beverages, such as dessert wine or liqueurs, but may include coffee, cheeses, nuts, or other savory items. In some parts of the world, such as much of central and western Africa, and most parts of China, there is no tradition of a dessert course to conclude a meal.

Pineapple Upside-Down
Fresh pineapple cream less sponge cake ;served with coffee ice cream
₹ 250
Rich Chocolate Truffle Slice
A chocolate dream
₹ 220
Chocolate Pot
Perfect combination of chocolate cake & mousse
₹ 190
Chocolate Walnut Brownie
Served with vanilla cream
₹ 220
Deconstructed Laddu
Boondi laddu stuffed with kesar pista ice cream
₹ 190
Paan Flavored Rabdi
Calcutti Paan masala with lachcha rabdi
₹ 170
Kaju Akhrot Halwa ₹ 180
Choice Of Ice Creams ₹ 125
Ice Cream Sundae
Assorted ice creams with unique toppings
₹ 250