About @Mango

Looking for restaurants in Ahmedabad which offer savoury and seasoned platters of one of the most sought-after world cuisines? @Mango dishes leave a smack of marvelously cooked food and delicacies which provide a melange of both traditional and contemporary flavors which are appetizing and delicious.

What makes @mango distinct is that our food is made over authentic wood fire ovens
and brings home varied dishes which can be relished and enjoyed amidst the picturesque
and exquisite orchards of shardas aambagan!

We welcome you abode so that you can ask for one of the most splendidly cooked food and drinks!
If you are a world cuisine enthusiast or love to explore various new dishes or if you simply love the experience of devouring a well-cooked platter, @Mango’s ala carte or menu offers one of the most befitting choices for your taste buds.

Wood fire Pizza, Turkish or Hungarian delicacies- find them all under the same roof so that you may not only explore new tastes and order exquisite dishes, @mango you will be able to mix several dishes so that you can enjoy an interesting blend of international and traditional tastes.
@mango restaurant offers mouth watering delicacies, a wide range of mocktails and varied international, Indian & Oriental starters. Made over the woodfire oven, our main courses have their special taste and finesse which have specialities such as woodfire Pizza and a fusion of delicious main courses known from across the world.